There is a way that an individual passes through . A way that is so enticing that it almost seems like deviating from that path isn’t a possibility. You get trapped in that way and begin to think if this is how things will always be or maybe this will always be the norm. This could be anything honestly. It could be ones way of life, circumstances, addictions, and inability to refrain from destructive temptation. This could be that aching feeling in the depths of your soul that says “even though things look good I can’t help but feel that I’m missing out on something greater.” This could be that lack of satisfaction ….that void we never keep empty enough to see that something is actually missing.

I love the gospel of Jesus Christ because no matter where one begins when he arrives the entire game changes. Here we have master Jesus a mighty redeemer who buys us back from a life of mediocrity and normalcy and gives us a life filled with his majesty.

A long time ago we were all sold over to an enemy who meant us more harm then good but by the blood of Jesus we have been bought back and given the opportunity to live a life of true freedom.

“Return to me for I have redeemed you…”- Isiah 44:22

To be redeemed means you DON’T have to return back to that former way of life. You don’t have to be a slave to anything from your past.

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